Zach Whitworth

"He brings people together."

b. 1996
Roseburg, Oregon, USA

IG: @zachwhitworth


Virtual Summer Institute
The Jewish Museum (NYC)

Visiting Student
From the Underground to the Cloud
University of the Underground

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Art Practices –– summa cum laude
Concentration in Social Practice
Portland State University

Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate, Art (incomplete)
Concentration in Art History
Southern Oregon University

Design Media Arts Summer Institute
University of California, Los Angeles

Curatorial Projects

Institute for Conceptual Studies
A multi-purpose platform and immaterial center for the study of ideas.
Designer, 2019–

Museum of Digital Endearment
A research effort and archive of love in the Internet Age hosted online.
Co-founder, Co-curator, 2017–2018

A web-journal established to platform young emerging artists of various disciplines.
Co-founder, Editor-in-chief, 2016–2017

Programs Organized

Art museums, authoritarianism, and protest
––a public discussion regarding authoritarianism in art museums, the genre of institutional critique, public protest, and the aestheticization of politics. Part of a stone's throw series.
The Southland Institute, October 17, 2020
Program co-lead

A case for never going anywhere again
––a media collage about movement and capitalism with Lindsay Costello, karen Krolak, Saba Keyvanshokouhi, and Andrew Shaw.
Institute for Conceptual Studies, published August 15, 2020

Pesach for a Digital Diaspora
––a reimagined Passover seder for a digital public spanning all three floors of the 606/608 S Elm Street building in Greensboro, NC.
Elsewhere, April 11, 2020
Program lead

A Brief Introductory Fellowship Symposium
––a short series of live-streamed presentations accompanying the release of Fellowship Reader #1 with Lindsay Costello, Miles Flynn, and karen Krolak.
Institute for Conceptual Studies, January 16 – 22, 2020

Climate Change Fodder for Abandoned Hope, Six Feet Above the Horizon
––a web display of photography focused on climate change and water politics in Florida with Aaron Castillo, Krista Darling, Adam Mathieu, Katelyn Montagna, Erika Schnur, and Kristy Summerson.
Institute for Conceptual Studies with Separate Checks (Tampa, FL), December 1, 2019 – February 1, 2020

––a web exhibition of artworks as descriptions with Mauro Baio, Shelley Chamberlin, Izzy Cho, Yasmina Gillies, Divyaa Kumar, Alfred Marasigan, Adam Mathieu, Brüno Melo, Hannah Newman, David Quiles Guilló, and Saul Ramirez.
Institute for Conceptual Studies with The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale, November 1, 2019 – March 1, 2020
Organizer, designer

Symposium for Contemporary Discourse
––a month-long conversation series with Brittney Connelly, Roz Crews, Alex Deets, Amanda Leigh Evans, Midori Hirose, Tricia Knope, Victor Maldonado, Lo Moran, Olivia No, Samantha Ollstein, Grace Prechtel, Eden Redmond, Roshani Thakore, and Alexander M. Woodward.
Portland State University, Pacific Northwest College of Art, and other locations, October 4 – 25, 2018

Bedspace B
a web exhibition of beds and stories with Richard Alston, Bianca Breed, Sarah Grace Faulk, Stephanie Giera, Zoe Handler, Vanessa Hernandez, Olivia No, Kyle Lance Shupp, Artist Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr., Kora Vanek, and Declan Whitworth.
Portland State University, October 24 – November 4, 2017

Chaya Stillwater-Lanz: CSLXVI
––a solo exhibition in memory of the artist.
The Cave at Southern Oregon University, October 7, 2016

––a group exhibition about local nature, supported by the Ecology Center of the Siskiyous.
Southern Oregon University, May 19 – June 9, 2016

The Awful Art Show
––a group exhibition of scrappy artwork by students and professors.
Southern Oregon Fine Arts Students, Southern Oregon University, May 23 – June 13, 2015

Selected Work Experience

Distribution Assistant; Archivist
MARCHTemporary Art Review

Assistant Curator, Programs/House; Education Fellow
Greensboro, NC

The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale

Classified Substitute
Glide Elementary School
Glide, OR

Studio Assistant; Publicity Assistant
Studio of Sabina Haque
Portland, OR

Publicity Coordinator
Littman + White Galleries,
Portland State University

Portland, OR

Exhibition Attendant
Ann Hamilton: habitus
Converge 45

Portland, OR

Art Salesman, representing David Shrigley
Galleri Nicolai Wallner
KSMoCA International Art Fair
Portland, OR

Teaching Assistant
Center for Visual Arts,
Southern Oregon University

Ashland, OR

Collection Database Research Assistant
Art Authority


Classified Substitute
Glide Elementary School
Glide, OR

Artist Mentor
King School Museum of Contemporary Art
Portland, OR

Sound Exploration workshop series
––No. 4: “How do we perform sound?”, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
––No. 3: “What sounds does the world make?”, Woodlawn Elementary School
––No. 2: “What sounds can we make together?”, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
––No. 1: “How do we make sound?”, Woodlawn Elementary School
King School Museum of Contemporary Art Summer Program
Portland, OR

Teaching Assistant
––Art Foundations, ART 103
––Art Foundations, ART 102
––Art Foundations, ART 101
Southern Oregon University
Ashland, OR

Art Workshop Assistant
Hucrest Elementary School
Roseburg, OR
2013; 2014

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