Zach Whitworth

Bedspace B, 2017

An art space on a computer on a bed on Instagram.

Online viewers were asked to submit images of their beds and stories related to their beds. Submissions from all over the country were displayed on a laptop screen in the IRL bedspace then posted to Instagram. Bedspace B also hosted a talk with visiting artist Olivia No through an Instagram live-stream.

Richard Alston (Lake Oswego, OR)
Bianca Breed (Cleveland, OH)
Sarah Grace Faulk (Greensboro, NC)
Stephanie Giera (Ocala, FL)
Zoe Handler (Seattle, WA)
Vanessa Hernandez (Orlando, FL)
Kyle Lance Shupp (Portland, OR)
Michael Stevenson Jr. (Ocala, FL + Somewhere, USA)
Kora Vanek (Gladstone, OR)
Declan Whitworth (Boise, ID)

Olivia No artist talk    Bedspace B video statement

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