Zach Whitworth

Portland State University Lost & Found Network, 2019
w/ Morgan Ann Marshall

Over the course of three weeks, finders-in-residence Morgan Ann Marshall and Zach Whitworth conducted a survey of various lost & found sites around Portland State University, attempting to understand the operations and general guidelines of the lost & found network. The term "network" is used in this case to recognize the interconnectedness of otherwise separate systems through shared policies, efforts, and links to similar end locations.

The residency culminated in an illustrated map featuring lost & found items selected by the stewards of their respective sites, displayed in print and as a hand-painted mural. The printed map was accompanied by a written report detailing each visited site as well as a story of a student's stolen engagement ring. A conversation with School of Art + Design office coordinator Samantha Peters was held at PSU's MK Gallery as part of Close Encounters of the Academic Kind.

Full map and written report

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