Zach Whitworth

The Grablowsky Jewish Literature Wing (2020)
Library section of Judaic texts

Pesach for a Digital Diaspora (2020)
Reimagined Passover seder adapted for a livestream

Business card (2020)
Reproduction of business card belonging to Jacob Enker (1875–1952), edition of 500

Institute for Conceptual Studies (2019–ongoing)
Multi-purpose platform

A Journey for the Willamette River (2019)
Walk, delivery of river water to an earlier point along the river

Some notes from my phone (2019)
Handwritten zine, edition of one

Returning moss to the woods (2019)
Walk, delivery of moss to its place of origin

Text on public billboard

Littman Research Library (2019)
Temporary public art-book collection

Portland State University Lost & Found Network (2019)
w/ Morgan Ann Marshall. Survey

Situations for Portland (2018–19)
14 self-assignments

Activities for the Park Blocks (2018)
w/ Andrea Amaya, Brianna Ortega, & Jordan Rosenblum. Activity map

Messages to a former love (2018)
Twitter bot

Symposium for Contemporary Discourse (2018)
Conversation series

(Failed) Relationship Piece (2017–18)
w/ Sarah Grace Faulk. Romantic relationship

Museum of Digital Endearment (2017–18)
w/ Sarah Grace Faulk. Digital media archive

SimpsonWave Comments (2018)
w/ Tricia Knope. Collection of comments sourced from YouTube

Consumer memory (2017)
150 printed receipts

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