Zach Whitworth

Situation #1 (Awkward Acquaintance Piece)
Enter awkward social activities with vague acquaintances and unassociated friend groups

Situation #2 (Lingering Piece)
Stay at gatherings until most or all attendees have left

Situation #3 (Talking to Strangers Online Piece)
Comment on social media posts and profiles of people I don’t know

Situation #4 (Feelings Piece)
Ask people how they are feeling

Situation #5 (Looking Piece)
Look up frequently while walking

Situation #6 (IRL Piece)
Greet people for the first time by first name IRL like a previous acquaintance if they are known through the web or other indirect means (Pretend to already know someone when meeting them)

Situation #7 (Institutional Flirting Piece)
Flirtatiously interact with social media accounts of institutions

Situation #8 (In Transit Piece)
Smile and wave to people on buses and trains while walking / Smile and wave to people walking while on buses and trains

Situation #9 (Contacts Photo Piece)
When giving someone my phone number, take a picture of myself for their contacts

Situation #10 (Smile Piece)
Make a big cheesy smile when passing people on the street

Situation #11 (Spare Change Piece)
Carry bus/transit fare in change to give to people who need it

Situation #12 (Positivity Piece)
Be a more positive person

Situation #13 (Say Hello Piece)
When attending events, say hello to everyone I know

Situation #14 (Mameloshn Piece)
לערנען ייִדיש

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