Zach Whitworth

Symposium for Contemporary Discourse, 2018

October 4 – 25, 2018
Portland, Oregon

In collaboration with Brittney Connelly, Roz Crews, Alex Deets, Amanda Leigh Evans, Midori Hirose, Tricia Knope, Victor Maldonado, Lauren Moran, Olivia No, Samantha Ollstein, Grace Prechtel, Eden Redmond, Roshani Thakore, and Alexander M. Woodward.

A conference for casual peer-to-peer research. The Symposium is a framework for conversations with contemporaries about topics relevant to who we are, where we are, what we make, and how we live. Collaborators were invited based on shared experiences or interests. Discussions are left open to public participation in hopes of potentially fostering new friendships and ideas.

Can conversations (and everyday life) be considered artwork? Maybe, but it doesn’t actually matter. Whether a conversation is an artwork or not, they are crucial to building connection with others and pushing culture forward. The structure of the Symposium was developed to formalize the informal, to suggest the academic validity and educational possibilities of everyday conversation.


Alternative Art Modes: Crafting Social Institutions
w/ Roz Crews
Friday, October 5 | 10:00 AM | Revolución Coffee House

One Year in Portland: In conversation with artists who have lived in the city for a year
w/ Roshani Thakore, Samantha Ollstein, and Alexander M. Woodward
Saturday, October 6 | 10:00 AM | Revolución Coffee House

The Site is PSU: A discussion with the 2018 Arlene Schnitzer Prize winners
w/ Lauren Moran and Alex Deets
Thursday, October 11 | 6:30 PM | MK Gallery at Portland State University

A Future for Masculinity: Revisiting Values and Mapping a Route Forward
w/ Victor Maldonado
Friday, October 12 | 7:00 AM | Pacific Northwest College of Art

Navigating the Digital Landfill: Sustainability and Responsibility on the Internet
w/ Eden Redmond and Olivia No
Wednesday, October 17 | 5:30 PM | Behind the Museum Café

A conversation about Oregon with Oregon-raised artists who still live in Oregon
w/ Grace Prechtel, Midori Hirose, and Tricia Knope
Monday, October 22 | 5:30 PM | Stumptown Coffee Roasters at Ace Hotel

A discussion about ceramics at a school with no ceramics program
w/ Amanda Leigh Evans and Brittney Connelly
Tuesday, October 23 | 12:00 PM | MK Gallery at Portland State University

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